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Tournament Rules

The 9-10 and Majors District tournaments will follow the Little League tournament rules as outlined in the 2024 Little League Rulebook.

Tournament Format:

District tournaments will be follow a double round robin format followed by a Championship game between the two top-ranked teams. There is no "if: game in the 2024 District tournaments.

Tournament Rules:

1) Only players, official managers and coaches, and umpires are allowed on the field of play (including dugouts) during the game. Spectators must remain in the areas designated for spectators.

2) Games will follow Little League "run rules" without exception.  For tournaments, the 8-run after 5 inning rule does not apply, but the 15-run after 3 innings and 10-run after 4 innings do apply.

3) Mandatory play rules are in effect for all games. The new rule is that all players on the team are in the batting order and everyone on the team has their turn at bat in order. With the exception of pitchers, teams can place their players in any defensive position for and many or as few innings as they like. Once a pitcher has been replaced by another pitcher, they may not become a pitcher again during the game. 

4) Little League Pitching Rules are in effect for all tournament games. For 9-10 year old players the maximum number of pitches in a day is 75 and for 11 and 12 year old players the maximum number of pitches is 85.  Days of rest after pitching must be observed both within the tournament and between the District and Provincial tournaments: 

66 or more pitches: 4 calendar days of rest

51- 65 pitches: 3 calendar days of rest

36-50 pitches: 2 calendar days of rest

21-35 pitches: 1 calendar day of rest

1 - 20 pitches: no rest required

No pitcher is allowed to pitch on 3 consecutive days.

Pitchers at one of the thresholds may finish the batter without penalty before being replaced.
A player who has pitched more than 40 pitches in a game may not play catcher for the remainder of that day.

A player who has been catcher for more than 3 innings may not play pitcher for the remainder of that day. 

5) Teams are ranked by Win-Loss record. In the event of a tie, the International Tournament Pool Play Tiebreaker procedures as outlined in the 2022 Little League Tournament Rules will be followed.

6) For the District 9-10 tournament and District Majors tournament, all protests will be resolved [in order] by 1) Umpire Crew 2) Tournament Director 3) Little League Canada Regional Director.

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